How long she was taken care in the hospital?

Dear Linda,

Hello, Linda, how are you? It’s been a long time since the last time we met. Well, I just wanted to tell you how you and your family are feeling this whole time. I hope all of you is healthy. By the way, the sad news from is that I was in a hospital last week. Based on the doctor diagnoses, I was infected by typhus.

At first, when I was studying mathematics in the classroom, I felt my body became weaker each hour then I fainted. Then, I immediately was taken to the hospital because of the high fever.

At the hospital, when I was brought into the emergency unit, the doctor immediately gave some treatment to make sure that I am okay. Finally, I had to stay there for four weeks. Every day the doctor kept me on a drip.

At the third week, my condition was getting better. After the final check, the doctor gave me permission to go home. Now, I’m okay and because of my illness, I am now more
careful about my food and eating time management, I don’t want to get typhus again. That’s all from me I guess, write to me soon, OK?



How long she was taken care in the hospital?

A. Four weeks.

B. Three weeks.

C. Five weeks.

D. 28 days.


Soal menanyakan berapa lama penulis dirawat dirumah sakit.

Pada kalimat ke-1 paragraf terakhir, penulis berkata “At the third week, my condition was getting better” yang artinya “setelah tiga minggu kondisiku membaik”.

Dari terjemahan ini dapat disimpulkan bahwa penulis berada di rumah sakit selama tiga minggu atau three weeks.


Maka, pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah B.

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