How many reasons are used to support the writer’s opinion

I strongly believe that mobile phones are necessary. My reasons for this belief are that these phones are convenient for business people who travel a lot, and they are handy for emergencies.

To begin with, mobile phones are necessary in the case of emergencies. For instance, if you fall down a set of stairs in a building and are badly injured and can’t reach a pay phone, it is handy to have one to use. Or, if your car breaks down in the middle of the night in a strange neighbourhood, it would be dangerous to leave it in search of a public phone booth.

My other main reason is that mobile phones are convenient for business people. For example, if you are out of the state or even overseas and you have to contact a client to do some important work, it is useful to have one to use. By using a mobile phone, important information can be received. People can’t stay in an office all day waiting for their phone to ring. Some people have to go and do jobs or they will go out of business. You can even send faxes or messages and use the internet with your mobile.

In conclusion, I believe that mobile phones have now become a necessary part of every day life. Instant communication will ensure that information can be passed on with a simple press of a button. Whether this is to do with business or personal information or emergencies, it goes to show that they are necessary in the new millennium.

How many reasons are used to support the writer’s opinion?

A. One reason

B. Two reasons

C. Three reasons

D. Four reasons

E. Five reasons


Teks di atas mengangkat sebuah isu yaitu manfaat dari ponsel serta memberikan alasan untuk mendukung isu yang diangkat dan diakhiri dengan kesimpulan dari teks sehingga teks di atas tergolong ke dalam analytical exposition text. Pada teks di atas, penulis memaparkan dua alasan mengapa ponsel bersifat penting yaitu ponsel dibutuhkan pada kondisi darurat dan sangat praktis untuk para pebisnis.


Maka, pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah B.

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